Want to beat the utility?

Time Of Use rates are coming, are you ready? Shifting your usage even a few minutes can save you on your bill!

A Home Energy Monitor is the perfect precursor and pairing tool to go with your solar energy system. Get instant alerts when energy is spiking. Using the Home Energy Monitor phone app, simply walk through your house and turn off or unplug various devices. In real-time, the app shows the effect of each change.

Get to Know Your Home Energy Use in 8 Minutes

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What's Inside:

  • How to budget and manage what you pay.
  • How to optimize your usage.
  • Solar, Batteries, Electric Vehicles, and More!

  • What Users are Saying

    Turn off a light, my consumption goes down. Replace the bulb with an LED, the consumption goes down. Replace an old appliance with a new Energy Star appliance, consumption goes down, perhaps a lot! Install new windows or add insulation, with historical Neurio data, you know consumption goes down. You get the picture! You can see it, it’s real. Using the Neurio, your personal discovery process reveals a lot about your home and families energy consumption patterns. And you know for a fact that your energy saving investment are in fact saving you money!

    -Carl B. Fort Collins, CO