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Stay up to date with our latest projects and learn about the benefits of going solar in Colorado. Our solar energy consultants will post pictures and stories of our work in Fort Collins, Greeley, and around the Front Range. We'll also provide insights into the renewable energy industry.

Six Benefits of Installing Solar on Your Home or Business

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We get it, solar is a big investment and a scary decision to make. We talk to homeowners and businesses everyday as they mull over whether or not solar makes sense for their building. The benefits of solar adoption vary widely by motivation, location, and needs, but the top reasons to install solar panels include:

(1) Going Green

The obvious and perhaps, most important, reason to consider adding solar to your home or business is to help you live more sustainably. By using solar, you will lessen your dependence on fossil fuels to power your home and reduce your carbon footprint in the process. By moving to solar, you will eliminate as many as four tons of carbon emissions each year. Utilizing solar can go a long way to reduce our effect on the environment.

(2) Reduce Electricity Bills
By having solar panels installed on your home or building, you will likely drastically reduce your monthly electricity bills. In fact, you may even be paid back a small amount each month for your extra energy contributions to the grid. No electricity bills is a huge benefit of adopting solar! Furthermore, by adopting solar, you won’t be subject to the rising cost of electricity; you will lock in your monthly electric rate for the life of the system.

(3) Collect Tax Credits and Rebates
The City of Fort Collins huge rebates for adding solar to your residential or commercial building. The State of Colorado additional incentives and the federal government has other additional rebates you may qualify for by adding solar panels to your home. Solar rebates may be reduced at the end of the year, if you’re considering adding solar to your home - now is the time!

(4) Improve the Value of Your Home
Solar panels can positively affect the value of your home or property, especially in Northern Colorado where green energy is highly-welcomed. As more appraisers and home buyers appreciate the value of solar installations, the added benefit of having solar will only go up.

(5) Energy Independence
We are big believers in promoting local energy independence, or the idea that we do not have to rely on outside energy sources to power our city and industries. The West was built on a sense of self-reliance—your home should exemplify this same spirit!

(6) Support Your Local Economy
By working with Sandbox Solar to purchase and install your home’s solar panels, you’ll be adding to our local economy. Sandbox was started by two local entrepreneurs and we exclusively use local contractors. Together, we’re putting money right back into the local economy, rather than sending it off to huge electricity corporations. And in the solar industry especially, bigger isn’t always better. Partnering with regional solar installers likely going to get you the most bang for your buck.

The Sandbox Solar team is here to partner with you as you consider solar. We have installed solar systems on a significant number of businesses and homes right here in Northern Colorado and we pride ourselves on making solar energy accessible to all to receive the environmental and financial benefits possible through energy generation. From homeowners, businesses, or community solar farm subscribers, we will help you design and implement a solar system that makes sense for you. Please contact us today to learn more about the benefits of adding a solar system to your home home or business. We’re here to answer your questions and help you determine if solar makes sense.

Latest News!

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Event: Green Drinks at CSU Powerhouse!

Sandbox Solar is hosting Green Drinks this month at the CSU Powerhouse. (430 N. College Ave. Fort Collins). Feburary 22nd 530-8p. Free Food and Beer (21+). Donations will go toward The Growing Project. This is a casual event and all are welcome. We will have images of the projects we've completed. The Powerhouse is a CSU owned building that is home to various research centers, policy firms, and startups. More information can be found here.

Event Page.

In The News: Loveland Reporter Herald
Full News Article.

Sandbox Solar is proud to install 2 x LED lights, 1 Wind Turbine, 2 Solar Panels, and a Weather Station for Walt Clark Middle School in Loveland, CO. The project was funded by a grant the students won and they chose this project to represent their desire to continue pursuing STEM Education (Science Technology Engineering Math).

Questions About Solar?
Sandbox Solar is starting a Solar Speaker Series. We will travel around Northern Colorado educating, answering questions, sharing experiences about solar energy. Stay updated on Facebook and email for upcoming events in your area. We also now have a 2 Hour CE Credit Course for Realtors! Our first event will be next Thursday in Greeley at Farr Regional Library from 3:30-5:00pm.

Event Page.

We have uploaded our FAQ to our webpage to educate prospective customers about solar energy.

This Month's Featured Question:

What happens to the solar energy at night?

All energy produced during the day is credited to your through Net Metering. Net Metering allows your meter to roll backwards. Any excess energy is credited back to you, giving you a positive cash flow.

Industry News: Micro-Grids
Last month, we saw representatives from Spirae at Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society. A monthly gathering at Odell's that presents new technology and produces conversation with the public. A Microgrid platform controls the electric grid through software algorithms. This allows for more reliable and efficient operation of renewable energy, storage, and flexible loads. By controlling these things utilities can control high peak demands. Will the future grid include these Micro-Grids + Wind + Storage + Solar ?!?

February 2, 2017

Solar Outlook in NoCo

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With uncertainty of 2017, there are some things to look forward to in Northern Colorado. The Federal Tax Credit was extended and will continue to be 30% through 2017, Solar Energy Prices are predicted to go below $3.0/Watt for large residential systems, new everyday technology such as lawn lamps are becoming cheaper, and in case you missed it - a Great Article by Jacy from the Coloradoan features: Solar power gaining in Fort Collins.

What kind of influence will the new administration have on Solar?
Solar Energy is becoming a Non-Partisan issue. From our personal experience at Sandbox Solar as well as other influential figures in the community. We have noticed that no matter what your political views are, the sun clearly has everyone's interests. Whether that is energy independence, going green, or financial investments, Solar has everyone playing in the sun. Solar has now employed 77% more workers than the U.S. coal mining industry, and that number continues to exponentially rise. China plans on investing $362 billion in renewable energy, and Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) has joined Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum. All these factors for us indicate that Trump may not go all in on Renewables, but it may be an even playing field for all energy sources. In which case, let the sun keep shining on solar.

What Would You like to See in our Posts?
As a local advocate for renewable energy, we want to know what you would like to see in our Blog/Newsletters. What are you interested in and what would help you understand the rapid growth and change of our energy infrastructure. Please let us know!

January 6, 2017


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Welcome to the Sandbox Solar news feed! We are a solar installation company that works out of Colorado. We've been taking on projects big and small, helping individuals and businesses adapt to the modern energy world. Solar is a green, affordable, and smart choice when it comes to powering your home or business.

September 16, 2016

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