Sandbox Solar Agrivoltaics Testing Grounds at Colorado State University

Advancing sustainable agriculture through innovative solar solutions. Our collaboration with Colorado State University explores the synergy between crop growth, moisture retention, and renewable energy production.

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Agrivoltaics Testing grounds

Welcome to the Sandbox Solar Agrivoltaics Testing Grounds, a collaborative project by Sandbox Solar, Colorado State University, and other partners. This grant-funded initiative explores the integration of solar energy and agriculture through various photovoltaic arrays. By studying their effects on crop yield, soil moisture, and energy production, the project aims to advance sustainable farming practices and agrivoltaic technology.

CSU Agrivoltaics Testing GroundsCSU Agrivoltaics Testing GroundsCSU Agrivoltaics Testing GroundsCSU Agrivoltaics Testing GroundsCSU Agrivoltaics Testing GroundsCSU Agrivoltaics Testing GroundsCSU Agrivoltaics Testing Grounds
Sandbox Solar CSU Agrivoltaics Testing GroundsCSU Agrivoltaics Testing GroundsCSU Agrivoltaics Testing GroundsCSU Agrivoltaics Testing Grounds


At the Sandbox Solar Agrivoltaics Testing Grounds, bifacial solar panels have been installed to study the effects and production of the solar panels and crops surrounding them. Since we cannot direct these panels to the sun, installing these advanced bifacial solar panels that capture rays from both sides was the optimal choice. With increased durability and lower maintenance requirements, bifacial panels provide long-term economic benefits and take minimal surface area, making them an ideal choice for this innovative agrivoltaic project.


Thanks to funding secured from the USDA SBIR grant, Sandbox Solar was able to install 9 separate agrivoltaic arrays of differing configurations. These arrays test certain crop types with varying solar panel transparencies in order to gain further insight into potential crop yields and growing conditions. Sandbox Solar and the CSU Department of Agriculture utilize this research for educational and practical implementation.







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Agrivoltaics promotes sustainable energy and enhances agriculture, potentially redefining land use, energy, and food production.

In this mini documentary, ‘Reharvesting the Sun‘ by RE:TV, Sandbox Solar had some of its recent projects (listed below) featured as major developments towards achieving this goal.

THE Spring Hill Greens Agrivoltaics PROJECT

Spring Hill Greens is a local Fort Collins farm that strives to be entirely carbon-neutral. So naturally, they would need an extensive solar system to generate sufficient power for their entire farm to be energy self-sufficient. However, Spring Hill Greens required more land to support a conventional ground-mount solar array. What they needed was an agrivoltaic solution. So they called their local agrivoltaic solar company, Sandbox Solar.


This Native Hill Farms solar agrivoltaic array is quite unique! Our local farmers wanted a way to integrate enough solar to power their entire farm but could not find a way without sacrificing precious fertile farming land! That’s where the expertise of Sandbox Solar comes into play! As one of the few agrivoltaic companies in the country, Sandbox Solar has the skills, experience, and knowledge to tackle this complex challenge.




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