Refer a friend for solar products, and we will reward both you and them $250!


What is the Sandbox Solar Referral program?

It’s simple! The best way to spread energy self-sufficiency is by sharing it with your neighbors, friends, family, clients or co-workers. Once they go solar with Sandbox Solar, we will reward you and them with $250 each! The Sandbox Solar Referral Program is also a way to give back to our customers and community members for their support and dedication to self-sufficiency and renewable energy.


  1. You fill out the Referral Form with you and your friends contact information.
  2. Your neighbor fills out a Free Quote Form and begins the solar process.
  3. Once your friend goes solar, you BOTH receive a $250 check.
  4. Repeat this process with unlimited referral rewards!

Who qualifies for the Sandbox solar referral program?

You do NOT need to be a Sandbox Solar customer to qualify for the Solar Referral Program. We want to reward all members of our community to spread the word of self-sufficiency and renewable solar energy by referring their peers to Sandbox Solar. All we ask is that you are 18 years or older.

What are our customers saying about sandbox solar?

What motivated your transition to solar energy and self-sustainability? Sharing your solar journey can significantly inspire others to adopt similar solutions and positively impact the environment.

Some food for thought
In just around one year, a single solar module generates more electricity than the energy consumed during its manufacturing process. This signifies a one-year energy payback period. Considering the lifespan of photovoltaic solar panels is up to 30 years, they effectively prevent 29 years’ worth of emissions that would have originated from burning gas or coal.

Posting to Instagram, Facebook, or Nextdoor, or start a conversation with someone you know. Share your solar project, solar savings, solar journey. Be part of the self-sustainability movement by getting the word out!

With your help the adoption of renewable energy continues to grow at an exponential rate. In turn creating brighter future for the continued research and deployment of solar energy.

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