At Sandbox Solar, our team of experienced electricians take pride in their commitment to quality, ensuring that your goals are met in a timely fashion.

Mike Buehner
Mike Buehner
Sandbox Solar was great to work with! They provided quality service in a timely fashion. I am very happy with the results.
Gayle Gallegos
Gayle Gallegos
I researched companies both local and national and chose Sandbox based on its reviews and proximity to my home. They are experts in solar installation and in local building inspection requirements. This made the inspection process a breeze! This company was definitely the right one for me! I highly recommend Sandbox Solar and will tell everyone I know who to call!
Zach S
Zach S
Sandbox was great. They were very responsive communicating with us and integrated our preferences into their recommendations.
Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth Scott
Sandbox Solar did a fantastic job installing a customized 27 kWh system for our home in the Boulder - Longmont Area. Having purchased solar for a previous residence, we knew exactly what we wanted and were looking for a company with the expertise to develop an especially large, hyper-optimized array for a reasonable price. We contacted several companies, but Sandbox Solar’s bid was the best. Now our array is fully engaged, and I must say, we are impressed with every aspect of our system from the design and engineering, to the construction (thank you Charles!), electrical work, and of course the performance of our batteries and panels. Service at Sandbox is so friendly, responsive and professional that we’re sad our project is done. Great job, Sandbox!
Dan McGil
Dan McGil
I can't say enough about Sandbox Solar. From their initial proposal to the finished installation they were informative and helpful without being pushy. I love that they are a Colorado based company and everyone that I encountered at Sandbox was enthusiastic about the installation. I asked to have little to no exposed conduit as I've seen on other homes, and they worked with me and went beyond my expectations. Browsing their website, you can tell they are excited about solar, and this was my experience working with them.
Ron Derr
Ron Derr
I had Sam come out to repair some issues on my solar system and he did a wonderful job, he got them repaired in a reasonable amount of time and was very easy to work with. I highly recommend this company they are professionals.
Michael Hadwick
Michael Hadwick
This company did a terrific job installing my solar system. The work was professional done and we are pleased that our house is now energy self sufficient.
Matt Vonderhaar
Matt Vonderhaar
Sandbox Solar helps a lot of my customers in the roofing industry. Ian and his team have always been more than willing to go above and beyond to satisfy customers needs. Even on short notice!
attila csipa
attila csipa
After reviewing 5+ solar project offers for residential roof solar in Fort Collins, we went with Sandbox. It's a small operation, in a good way (no "someone will contact you" type handoffs typical of the larger ones). The reasons why we chose Sandbox in the end was a) clear and realistic presentation of options (no exorbitant claims, upsells or "surprises" along the way) b) hardware/offer on par with larger operations and c) competitive prices. What definitely was unique to Sandbox Solar was the familiarity with city and utility stakeholders (at least for our Fort Collins project) - I found it really impressive that (after authorization) they could simply pull the data from the various databases instead of the "send last 12 utility bills" type of excel exercise asked by virtually everyone else. They were also the most knowledgeable about the available local finance options, without trying to upsell their own. Sandbox also scored high in all the "small things" - from being mindful about loud work as we had a week-old baby in the house, through treating the property respectably, to painting things to reduce the visual intrusiveness of the extra wiring. Ultimately, they managed to build the system to spec several weeks faster than the initial timeline estimate - kudos to the whole team!
Patrick Potyondy
Patrick Potyondy
We chose Sandbox Solar for our residential solar panels and are so happy we did! Just absolutely excellent from the first contact, the quote process, educating us on all the details and our many questions, and then throughout the install and inspection steps. Highly recommend them to everyone!


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For PV Systems installed by Sandbox Solar:

  • If Sandbox solar installed your system, we will service it regardless of zip code
  • Priority access to our 5-Star Solar Service department
  • Sandbox Solar’s 10-year workmanship warranty from project completion
  • Industry-leading materials warranties with Sandbox Solar labor support
  • Access to our stock for replacement parts, expedited replacement of available parts
  • Receive all other benefits offered to Guest Customers (click “Externally-Installed Guest Projects” above)

For PV Systems installed by another company:


  • We service Guests depending on their zip code:
    • GREEN zip codes are a definite (all of Fort Collins covered)
    • ORANGE zip codes are a maybe (ask us via our Service Form)
    • PURPLE zip codes are coming soon!
  • Sandbox Solar offers free phone consultations and online troubleshooting (where applicable)
  • On-site troubleshooting and diagnostics for $180
  • Free estimates for major projects
  • We provide labor support for manufacturer warranties, contact us to see if you’re eligible for free replacement parts
  • Sandbox Solar’s expert staff can help you, regardless of who installed your system.




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The solar industry has gained immense popularity in recent years. However, many unreliable solar installers tarnished the reputation of solar by failing to deliver on their commitments. At Sandbox Solar, our experienced electricians maintain your system for long-term success while sharing knowledge each step of the way.

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When you reach out to us (via our Service Form), you can expect skilled help from a seasoned solar expert.
We value expediency and aim to contact you same-day for all Solar Services.

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Phone consultations are FREE.
Services requiring on-site assistance start at $180.

Sandbox Solar is experienced with correcting issues such as *

  • Inverter production issue
  • High bills
  • Monitoring faults
  • GFCI’s / ground faults
  • Fault lights (red light on inverter)
  • Voltage out of range
  • Microinverter not reporting
  • Optimizer not reporting
  • Inverter offline
  • Device produced no power

Some brands we service *

  • Enphase (M215, M250, IQ7, IQ8, and associated Envoys and IQ Combiners
  • SolarEdge (Prism, Alpha, Energyhub, SolarEdge home gateway)
  • ABB (Power-one, Aurora)
  • SMA (Sunnyboy series)

* These lists are not exhaustive. Don’t see your issue or brand?
Contact us via the Service Form to begin troubleshooting


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