If your roof has suffered hail damage and needs to be replaced, Sandbox Solar will coordinate the removal and reinstall (A.K.A. ‘Detach and Reset’) of your solar panels in support of roof repair.

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Our solar Removal & Reinstall professionals are certified to work on all types of home and commercial solar energy systems, including Tesla/Solar City, and Sunnova installations.

With decades of solar experience under our belts, Sandbox Solar has the experience and skill needed to get your solar Removal & Reinstall (also known as Solar Detach & Reset) project done quickly and effectively!

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Commercial Solar Detach & Reset

Eric Schwartz
Eric Schwartz
Cavin and his team did a fantastic job installing our panels. Everyone at Sandbox solar was very attentive and helpful to work with! We've had the panels up for a couple weeks now and they seem to be working great!
Mike Conde
Mike Conde
Sandbox Solar installed a 16 panel 6 KW system on our home in April 2024. We found them through a City of Northglenn solar coop. They were excellent in providing a few different system designs, helping me understand the technology and answering all my questions (I am demanding in that regard). The installation itself went smoothly and professionally, the finished system looks great and sailed through city inspections and Xcel approvals. Efa was very helpful in guiding us through the entire process. I cannot recommend Solar Sandbox strongly enough. Thanks for your excellent work!
Mark Yen
Mark Yen
Awesome team! From Justin (sales) to Efa (ops) to Charles and team (installation) to Dan and Ryan (eletrical), Sandbox provided excellent service in the whole solar process. I'm happy with how the process was smooth and how their service was very attentive to my needs, especially when I probably asked the same question twice or more. The team was patient with me. Thank you and awesome work!!
Dan McGrath
Dan McGrath
Great experience working with everyone at Sandbox from start to finish. Highly recommend!
Guy Mendt
Guy Mendt
We just had solar panels installed on our third home and the crew from Sandbox Solar did a wonderful job. The panels blend right into our black roof and the crew took the time to paint the conduit to match our house colors so it's basically invisible as well. The installation crew which included Charles Groning & Cavin were very polite and professional and they did all the work in one day and did a great job of cleaning up everything so you'd have never known they were there. I'm very satisfied with our installation and with the staff I've dealt with from Sandbox Solar.
Josh Baldwin
Josh Baldwin
Sandbox solar installed 20 panels, the process was seamless and professional.
Peter Giedras
Peter Giedras
Can't say enough positive things about Sandbox. We had a dispute over required repairs to be made by out nation-wide solar company. Sandbox stepped in, negotiated with the national company and did all the repairs for a small fraction of what the national company said it would cost. The repairs were efficiently done and we saved thousands. Sandbox went way out of their way to help. Thank you!
Nick Maydew
Nick Maydew
It was a great experience working with Sandbox Solar to get solar panels installed. Justin was very helpful navigating the sales and logistics of purchasing and contracting the work. Efa was very helpful in getting our project started earlier than expected. Charles and his crew did a fantastic job when it came to installing the solar panels. They were all very professional, and we really appreciated working with them.
Andrew Shaughnessy
Andrew Shaughnessy
We just did some work for Charles Groning with Sandbox Solar. It was pleasure working with him and his wife. Honest, trustworthy guy. We definitely recommend him Sandbox for your solar needs.
Scott Abraham
Scott Abraham
Charles and his team did a great job installing our solar panels and even painted our roof complimentary. We are very happy with the work he his team did!

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Sandbox Solar LLC’s solar Detach & Reset — often termed Removal & Reinstall (R&R) — service involves the removal of existing solar components from a roof before roofing work or repairs (usually due to excessive damage from a hailstorm or cosmetic reconstruction), and replacement/reset of the system on the same roof in its original placement after work is completed. Sandbox Solar LLC shall provide R&R services in a manner consistent with locally accepted standards for professional skill and care. The existing system must be considered to be installed correctly and in compliance with all appropriate codes and regulations.


The customer is responsible for providing full information about the system size, schedule, constraints, and existing system conditions. Sandbox Solar LLC shall be entitled to rely on the accuracy and completeness of this information. Any undisclosed or unknown work conditions discovered on site may result in additional time and/or incurred costs. Unless the scope of this agreement specifically includes exposure to hazardous conditions, or the handling, disturbance, removal, or transportation of hazardous materials, waste, or asbestos, upon discovery of such conditions or materials, Sandbox Solar shall notify the customer immediately and allow them to contract with a properly licensed and qualified contractor to remove the hazard before the scope of work is resumed or completed by Sandbox Solar LLC. This applies to hail damage, house battery, and battery kits, as well.


Sandbox Solar LLC is not responsible for any system failure due to animals, weather, natural occurrences, terrorism, or other disasters. Sandbox Solar LLC is not responsible for any injury, harm, or damage caused by snow or ice accumulation falling from the system. Sandbox Solar LLC does not guarantee the system’s annual production estimate due to uncontrollable weather patterns. Sandbox Solar LLC is not responsible for product delays, installation delays, change orders, inclement weather, or other events, which may delay or otherwise affect the completion of the project.


Sandbox Solar LLC warrants the project for two (2) years against defects in workmanship only. Hardware warranty claims are the sole responsibility of the original manufacturer and are subject to the terms and conditions of any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty.

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