7 out of 10 homeowners lose $1000’s in the sale of their home by not knowing the actual price of their solar panels.



The above image is a sample for concept.

Full reports given at Solar Appraisal conclusion.

Solar appraisal process, done in 5* business days:

    1. Fill out this form
    2. We contact & set appointment with you
    3. We conduct an onsite visit to gather info
    4. (If Necessary) Repair PV system*
    5. E-mail final report: customer + realtor


Repairs will extend projected timeframe.

Realtors We’ve Worked With

Realtors We’ve
Worked With


WHY is Solar Appraisal important

Owning your home solar system provides monthly energy savings for 25+ years, automatically increasing your home’s value when you sell!

  • Whether you’ve purchased your solar system with cash or are paying off a loan over time, a home solar installation is a tangible asset that will provide significant value to your home.
  • However, home solar installations leased or purchased through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) do not give value to your home. Instead, they make the selling process more difficult because a 3rd party owns them, and the solar system must be transferred to the new homeowner with that agreement intact.
  • To receive the most value from your solar panels when selling, get a professional home solar appraisal from a reputable solar contractor like Sandbox Solar.
  • Don’t miss out on the price you deserve! — Contact Us
WHERE can Sandbox Appraise

Sandbox Solar services based upon zip code:

  • Green = Definite Appraisal coverage
  • Orange = Maybe Appraisal coverage, contact us via the Contact Form, below
  • Purple = Zip Codes coming soon!
WHO are Sandbox Solar

We have 8+ years of industry experience and sophisticated modeling processes to accurately appraise.

  • Many homeowners experience issues when selling their home solar systems.
  • First, the contractors that installed the solar panels have gone out of business and need someone to answer their questions or fix their issues.
  • Second, they do not have the knowledge and experience to accurately evaluate their home solar power system.
  • Thankfully, Sandbox Solar has you covered!
  • We will repair and appraise any home solar system within our range (see ‘WHERE’ section).
    So whether you purchased it from us or elsewhere, new or old, we can help. — Contact Us
WHEN to get your Solar Appraisal

Know your solar worth when: selling your home, purchasing a home, or refinancing!


  • It is crucial to capture the true value of your home Solar system in order to maximize your leverage & value.
  • Use the Contact form to get in touch with our trained Solar experts.
  • You can generally expect to speak with an expert within 48 hours. — Contact Us

Carter Rowley
Carter Rowley
One of the few companies that would help us with a bad solar inverter.
Ron Dickson
Ron Dickson
Incredible customer service!
Chris Lattes (ColoradoADV)
Chris Lattes (ColoradoADV)
What a breath or fresh air this company is after having many bad contractor experiences in the past. Justin was very patient with us while we assessed getting solar panels and postponed our project. We never felt pressured to make a decision either way. There was consistent communication throughout the entire project and I always knew what was going on. The installation crew did a great job, the system more than meets our needs and looks good. They were responsive to and fixed the one issue we encountered promptly. Highly recommend to anyone trying to get solar.
Len Rontanini
Len Rontanini
Great price through the Broomfield COOP, great follow through and answers to questions. Everything went ahead of schedule. Installation to xcel turning on went great. Only 1 small issue and they resolved the same day! Thank you to Justin, Efa, Charles, and Sam at Sandbox Solar
David Hofmockel
David Hofmockel
Everything is working perfectly. We are a net exporter of electric energy to Xcel! I am looking forward to seeing my Xcel utility bill go down, maybe even to zero some day once I cap off the gas line. Eventually, the goal is to be completely energy self-sufficient, and I think that is possible with the system that Sandbox Solar has installed for me. The roof and electrical teams were courteous, personable, and professional. Working with the sales and administrative staff has been top notch. The roofing team arrived on May 2nd. Xcel installed the new net meter and gave me permission to operate on May 24th. That was just over three weeks from start to finish. Just amazing. I am very happy.
Kaushik Ramasubramaniam
Kaushik Ramasubramaniam
Love the professionals at Sandbox Solar and look fwd to getting off the grid
Steve Tucker
Steve Tucker
The project went smoothly from start to finish. Justin and Efa were available to answer questions, were pleasant to work with and were very knowledgeable. The installation crew worked fast and completed the project in two days. No issues with permit approval or City inspection. Received permission to operate from Xcel energy in two weeks. I had a few issues with the agreement but negotiations were easy and Justin was amenable to all the changes I requested. I used EnergySage to obtain several quotes for my solar project. Sandbox was not the least expensive but their pricing was competitive. I chose to work with Sandbox because the REC solar panels they use degrade less over time and provide a better value.
Jim Stackhouse
Jim Stackhouse
I have recently worked with Sandbox Solar on two residences. They are a great local company to work with. All of their employees are helpful and professional. Issue and questions were answered very quickly. The installed equipment has preformed great. Highly recommend.
Philip diZerega
Philip diZerega
High quality work, and easy to work with.
Max Barcelow
Max Barcelow
Good folks over at Sandbox. Will always recommend these local heroes for solar projects. Start to finish my experience was swift, easy, efficient and, though I'm not an experienced solarist, a job well done here at our fort collins casa.





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