If you have an electric vehicle (EV), we now offer professional EV charger installation in Fort Collins. Driving an electric vehicle has many benefits, and having an EV charger at home makes it all the easier to switch to a greener transportation option.  

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have many benefits over owning a conventional gas or diesel car. Some of them include:

  • They’re cheaper to run – Owners of an EV have much lower running costs compared to your conventional vehicle. The electricity it takes to charge an EV costs much less than buying fuel for the same style of vehicle.
  • They’re cheaper to maintain – There are a lot fewer moving parts in an EV to maintain. EVs don’t require much servicing because they don’t have radiators, starter motors, fuel injection systems, and many other parts that are expensive to fix.
  • EVs are better for the environment – EVs produce less pollution because they don’t emit exhaust fumes. If you want to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions even further, you can recharge your EV from your solar PV system. We can help you install both so you can use your PV system during the day instead of pulling from the grid.

EV charger installation in Fort Collins

Why Should You Have Your EV Charger Professionally Installed

We highly recommend getting it professionally installed, especially if you have a solar system that you want to pull from. A professional can help you evaluate your home’s wiring, electrical outlets, and other hardware that is needed to support the charging of an EV efficiently and, more importantly, safely. 

When you work with a professional, they will help you understand how EV chargers work. There are different types of chargers that support different charging levels and speeds. It’s important to figure out which one is right for your home, EV, and energy system. 

Another benefit of working with a professional is they have all of the necessary tools to ensure that your new EV station works properly once it’s installed. It takes out any guesswork on your end. 

Why Work with Us

At Sandbox Solar, we are with you every step of the way throughout your project. Whether you just need an EV charger installation in Fort Collins or a full solar system and EV charger, we will help you through the design, development, and installation of it all. If you want solar, Sandbox Solar can provide a smartly designed solar system that meets your unique needs. We can work hard to help you reduce your energy bills and offset your carbon footprint. 

If you are looking to go green, we’re happy to help! We can provide EV charger installation in Fort Collins for your new electric vehicle. We would love to discuss your project needs and provide a free quote! Give us a call at (970) 673-7733 for more information or contact us here.