So you have brand new solar panels on your roof and you’re generating your own electricity. Your power bills are basically eliminated at this point, and you’re feeling pretty good about your impact on the environment. But, one stormy night, the wind knocks over a huge tree and the power goes out on your entire block. Now you’re stuck without power because you’re relying on the grid to power your home.

What can you do to avoid this? Invest in solar battery backup! Combining solar panels and backup battery storage allows you to have independence from the power grid and store any unused power generated by your solar system for later use. Battery backup power offers the same functions as conventional generators without the need for refueling. Plus, it’s a lot more eco-friendly.

How Long Will Solar Battery Backup Help During a Power Outage?

Solar battery backup can add a level of resilience to your home to keep the lights on, the internet running, and the fridge cold at night during power outages. Your solar battery will be charged and store excess energy during the day to allow you to use and discharge the power at night. As long as you have enough battery storage capacity, you can power your home like this through long power outages. 

Sandbox Solar has the expertise to install the right battery storage option for your home. We offer three different types of battery and can help you decide on the proper one, depending on how much power you need.

Here are the battery options that we offer: 

  • LG Chem Solar Battery: This battery features industry-leading 5kW continuous power. LG Chem offers improved energy efficiency and is sized for day-to-day use for your home. This is the best bang for the buck home battery on the market, and we highly recommend it.
  • Enphase Encharge: The Enphase Encharge battery is smart, reliable, simple, and safe. It has a total usable energy capacity of 3.36 kWh. The best part is that you can add more batteries to it and expand your system very easily.
  • Generac PWRcell: This battery storage system is one of the most powerful on the market. It can provide up to 9kW of continuous backup power for your home’s essential power needs. A single PWRcell battery can provide enough power to back up large appliances like air conditioners and well pumps. We love this solution for mountain cabins and frequent outages. 

Curious about solar battery backup for your home and gaining independence from the grid? Contact us today! We’ll help you design a system that works best for your home and needs, so you can be prepared for any situation.