Solar in Fort Collins is a great investment if you’re looking to avoid Fort Collins Time-of-Day (TOD) pricing. With TOD pricing, it will cost you 70% more to use energy during peak hours compared to non-peak hours. Let’s talk about how Fort Collins TOD pricing can affect your electric bill and how you can save money with solar:

Fort Collins Time-of-Day Pricing

In the summer months (May-September), peak hours are from 2 to 7 pm, and in the non-summer months (October-April), peak hours are 5 to 9 pm. The electricity you use during peak hours costs an average of 17 cents more per kWh, which is 70 percent more, and it encourages you to avoid utilizing major appliances during those hours.

Tips to Avoid TOD Pricing

Things you should avoid using during peak hours include water heaters, air conditioners, dryers, electric ovens, and microwaves. These appliances use the most electricity in your home. Find out what it costs to run electronics and common household appliances here.

Here are a few tips to avoid higher costs during TOD pricing:

  • Try running your dishwasher right before you go to bed or first thing in the morning.
  • While you are home, manage the shades to minimize the sun coming in and help your home feel cooler throughout the day.
  • Use your washer and dryer during off-peak hours or on the weekends. If you can, line-dry your clothing whenever possible to save more money.
  • In the summer, consider pre-cooling your home before 2 p.m. and coasting through on-peak hours.
Solar in Fort Collins Can Save You Money

If you’re a homeowner in Fort Collins, TOD pricing can end up being very expensive. That’s where solar comes in! You can avoid the extra cost of electricity during peak hours by investing in a solar system for your home. Solar panels can generate the energy needed to power your home instead of drawing power from the grid. With solar energy, you can use your appliances regardless of the time of day.

Want to avoid an increase in your electricity costs due to Fort Collins Time-of-Day pricing? Contact us to learn more about solar in Fort Collins! Electricity costs are going to continue to increase over time. We have helped many Fort Collins residents eliminate their electricity bills by generating their own power and gaining independence from the grid. Contact Sandbox Solar today for a free quote or to learn more about TOD pricing.