Solar Battery Storage allows you to maximize your ability to use the electricity generated by your solar panels on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s charging your EV, saving money during Time-of-Day Rates or powering your home during an outage, you’ll have the power you need.


Looking to become fully energy Self-sufficient on the Front Range?

With the new Investment Tax Credit in place, you can receive a 30% tax credit on your Solar Battery Backup System, EV Charging Station, and Home Solar Installation. Battery Backup Power allows you to become fully self-sufficient and even help you save even more money by storing energy to use during high Time-of-Day Rates!

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Sandbox Solar’s primary storage offering and the batteries we trust the most for our customers. Meet the Enphase IQ Series!

  • Customized To Your System Size
  • Avoid Peak Hour Energy Rates
  • Comes With The Enphase Monitoring App
  • Industry Leading 15-year Limited Warranty

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With a small compact build, this EV charging station packs a big punch! Offering faster charging and built to handle more powerful load for the future of EV batteries. The Wallbox Pulsar Plus!

  • Compact 240V Design with powerful performance
  • Connect via Wifi or Bluetooth to the myWallbox app
  • Compatible with all Dept of Transportation approved Electric Vehicles
  • Voice Control Enabled using Amazon Alexa or Google Assist
  • State of the art On Board Intelligence
  • Fully Installed by Sandbox Solar
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Residential Solar Services - Personal Stake


Store energy generated by on-site renewables to support autonomous living or small commercial and farming operations without a connection to the electric utility grid.

Residential Solar Services - Personal Stake


Achieve total self-sufficiency! Leverage your home solar battery system during blackouts or weather-related grid outages and enable self-consumption of renewable energy.

Residential Solar Services - Personal Stake


Collect on-site renewable and electrical grid energy during times of low demand and low utility rates for consumption later, avoiding peak period surcharges.

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Enter your own specifications to design a Solar Battery Storage System that fits your exact needs using the Enphase IQ Series

Dustin Carmichael
Dustin Carmichael
We just had our solar panels installed in Jan/Feb 2024 by Sandbox Solar. I would highly recommend Sandbox. The team was very professional and kept us up to date throughout the entire installation process. The crew that performed the install was professional and friendly. There was one minor issue we encountered and Sandbox resolved it quickly and without any hassles. After the install was complete, the panels passed city and utility company inspections without any issues. Installing solar panels is a big investment and we had plenty of questions, but Sandbox made the process easy. Thank you Sandbox Solar!
Nancy Thonen
Nancy Thonen
From beginning to end, the project went very well. They were very communicative, and promptly and clearly answered all my questions. They kept me updated each step of the way, and the project completed sooner than I thought it would. Everything is working well, and I would recommend them to my family and friends.
Eduardo Portal
Eduardo Portal
The Sandbox Solar crew did an outstanding job from start to finish and beat any competing proposals hands down. This was a complex project since it involved placing all the panels on the barn roof and feeding 3 buildings including the barn. They maximized the amount of trenching and conduit and were able to make changes as required to provide what I consider and optimal system. They are also some of the best people you'll ever work with. And we're loving the negative consumption on sunny days!
Louis Gasperut
Louis Gasperut
Sandbox Solar installed solar system at our house this year (2022) and they were excellent to work with. All the personnel that I had contact with were professional, considerate, helpful and timely. They kept me informed and updated on all aspects of the project. The installation crew was great, orderly and helpful. They completed the installation in two days. I highly recommend their work and professionalism.
Matt Caution
Matt Caution
Very helpful. Quick install. Kept us updated throughout the process.
Jacob Pagels
Jacob Pagels
So thankful to have discovered Sandbox Solar! This company was fun to work with, attentive and so professional through the whole process. Justin answered all our questions and was thorough during the design work, Efa was so kind and responsive managing the project, and Charles was superb installing the system and a pleasure to talk to! I recommend Sandbox Solar to anyone looking for solar.
Laura Thornes
Laura Thornes
We’re so happy to have solar panels from Sandbox Solar! They did a great job installing them, and we appreciate that they recommended the micro-inverters on every panel so we can maximize our energy production during snowy times. We are also happy to work with a local company that checks in regularly to make sure we’re still satisfied.
Doug Case
Doug Case
Like the rest of the reviews, I have nothing but good to say about Sandbox Solar. From the initial contact through estimating, contract, planning, scheduling and installation everyone was very professional and kind and pleasant to work with. Efa was prompt and responsive. Charles and his Green Tean crew were a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and respectful. Daniel was out the next day to install the panel and was just as professional and informative. I have yet to have Excel accept the system, but I can say Sandbox will be my choice if I do another system. Doug
Mitchell Wagner
Mitchell Wagner
I highly recommend Sandbox Solar if you are looking to install a solar system in the Fort Collins area. We are now about two months in with our newly installed 8 kw system from Sandbox Solar and everything is working perfectly. The quote for our system was incredibly competitive and we are very happy we went with a local company that we can rely on. Everything from the initial run through and project planning with Justin through the project management and permitting with Efa and the install with Charles and his team was perfect. Thanks so much!
Chelsea M
Chelsea M
Sandbox Solar made the install and EPIC process as simple as it can be. All steps were handled professionally and timely to get my system up and running!


Home solar battery backup storage upgrades your solar energy system to a premier setup. The excess energy produced during the day will charge your batteries completely. Then, in the afternoon, you can sell energy back to the utility to make more money on the solar power you generate.

Additionally, if there is a grid outage, then your solar energy system stays on, and your home is continually powered.

Feel the self-empowerment of the home battery system via our battery storage solar services.

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Horsetooth Trail – 9 kW

“This company did a terrific job installing my solar system! The work was professionally done and we are pleased that our house is now energy self sufficient!”

Loveland Ground Mount

"...Professional, friendly, and great workmanship on all levels, from the office staff to the installers, electricians, etc. They even coordinated closely with our excavation contractor, so we didn’t have to have a lot of back & forth between crews.”

South Fort Collins | 4 kW

"We had an amazing experience with Sandbox Solar installing our PV solar system this past summer. Their Sales Rep, Justin, was very informative and the turnaround time was much quicker than expected!..."




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