Investing in a solar battery system for your home has many benefits. With battery storage, you’re providing your home with a backup energy reserve in case of an outage. If you are interested in how battery storage paired with solar can benefit you, you might be wondering, “How long can I run my home on a solar battery system?” Combining solar panels and battery storage gives you independence from the power grid and allows you to store any unused power generated by your solar system for later use. 

How Long Can You Run a Home on Battery Storage?

What if you don’t have a solar system and just want a battery storage option? You can do that, too! With a home battery alone, you could power your basic amenities for about a day or two in the event of a power outage. It really depends how much energy you use in a day. It’s possible for most households to limit their electrical consumption to around 5 or 6 kWh per day. However, when you pair battery storage with a solar panel system, you can create an end-to-end system for producing energy to power your home, and store energy for later use.

Benefit of Solar Battery Systems

Solar paired with a battery system will allow you to run on just the battery storage for much longer. Solar battery systems can add a level of resilience and independence to your home to keep the lights on, the internet running, the refrigerator cold, and other necessities during power outages. You can run your home on solar energy during the day while your solar battery is charging with any excess energy created to then be discharged during the night. As long as you have enough battery storage capacity, you can power your home like this for a long time.

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