AZTLAN Community Center

Fort Collins

15 kW


Local Fort Collins solar company, Sandbox Solar recently had the pleasure to work with Ageto and Fort Collins Utilities to construct a 53 kW premium rooftop solar array. Aztlan Community Center is a fitness and events facility owned and operated by the City of Fort Collins.  

 This project includes a 280 kWh battery energy storage system, Ageto micro-grid controller, and PV upgrade. AZTLAN is a facility with critical loads backup and grid interaction in order to discharge power at critical times for the municipal-owned utility. 

We are proud to be working with the City of Fort Collins on this project and inspired by our city desire to take charge of their power. As Norther Colorado’s top solar contractor, Sandbox Solar is excited to continue to provide our Fort Collins with renewable energy and energy independence.

AZTLAN Community Center Solar



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