When shopping for a big investment like solar, it’s important to check multiple options and prices. Every Colorado solar installer is different in the services they offer, the equipment they use, and pricing. At Sandbox Solar, we offer the best products and services at a competitive price.

If you are approached to buy solar, use a comparison-shopping method before you buy, so you can be aware of all of the options available.

Here are a few things you should look for in Colorado solar installers:
  • Do they offer a free quote – A free quote is a great way to get an estimate on what the cost of your project will look like. Try to get multiple quotes before you commit to one installation company. At Sandbox Solar, we offer free quotes and will also evaluate your energy rates for free! Just fill out this contact form to get started.
  • Compare financing options – There are several financing options available when investing in solar, including home equity loans and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Some Colorado solar installers might offer their own loans, or you can get one from your bank. When you invest in solar, you want to work with a company that knows exactly what they are doing on both the install and financial side. At Sandbox Solar, we’re experts on the regional tax credits and incentives you can apply for once you have your new solar system. Ask your realtor on the saleability of a house with a lease on your roof!
  • Equipment choices – There are many different brands and models of solar panels available. Each panel will have different specifications related to design, size, efficiency, durability, and warranty. The Colorado solar installer you choose should provide you with personalized quotes that will show the best value for your home. When it comes to equipment and cost, the cheapest deal isn’t always the best deal. Local providers can offer you a more customized solar system, which can reduce your overall cost and give you a better system for your needs. Sandbox Solar utilizes the highest-quality design tools and components to give you the best installation possible. We have been providing solar for years and can create a system and installation type that works best for the region’s climate.
  • Colorado Solar Installer Reviews – Check the reviews! They can be a good indicator of how the company works with its customers. In general, local solar companies get higher ratings than larger solar companies, because they are members of the community and care about doing the best job possible. You can read our Google reviews here.

When trying to decide on a Colorado solar installer, it’s important to pay attention to all of these things. Always compare multiple options to ensure that you are getting the best option and value for your project. When you work with Sandbox Solar, we will help you choose the best equipment and financing options for your project. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Sandbox Solar team today for a free quote!