Summer is in full swing here in Colorado! It can be hard to keep your home cool without racking up a large electric bill by using your air conditioning all day – especially if you live within the city limits of Fort Collins with Time of Day pricing. Sandbox Solar, your solar installer in Colorado, is here to provide you with the best solar system for your needs and help you beat the heat this summer without breaking the bank.

Install Solar Panels to Avoid Higher Electricity Cost

You may have noticed that your home gets particularly hot by the end of the day if you don’t turn on your AC. Most use usually occurs during the Time-of-Day pricing in Fort Collins between 2 and 7 pm. Air conditioners use a lot of energy, which leads to a steep increase in monthly utility bills during the summer months. There are many things you can do to help save money on air conditioning, like installing a ceiling fan, utilizing smart-home technology, or closing your blinds during the day, but these solutions give you only a small amount of savings.

If you have solar panels, you can offset the cost of your electricity with the energy your panels produce. Your renewable energy can be used to power everything in your home, including your air conditioner. That means guilt-free air conditioning without the huge price tag. 

Why Solar Saves You Money

Solar is not affected by the Time-of-Day pricing, and you can use the energy it produces whenever you want. When you use energy from your solar panels, you’re drawing power from the grid to keep your home cool, which doesn’t cost you anything. Your investment in solar will help reduce your footprint and your electricity bill. 

The longer days and abundance of sunshine during the summer allow your solar panels to collect more energy from the sun. Installing a solar system not only curbs power costs, but also can help run your entire household. You might even be able to eliminate your monthly electricity bills! If your solar system generates any extra energy, it will be returned to the grid. The best part is that you can receive credits for any extra energy produced! Learn more about the credit rating system here

Sandbox Solar is your highly rated solar installer in Colorado. We want to help you keep your home cool this summer and eliminate your electricity bills through sustainable solar.  If you’re ready to learn more about how a solar system can help you avoid Time-of-Day pricing and reduce your energy bill, contact us. We’re available to answer any questions you may have and give you a free quote!