Community solar fields are the future of solar energy - creating value for both hosts and investors.


A community solar garden is a large solar installation divided up into many smaller shares. Individuals have the opportunity to purchase solar panels virtually, receiving benefits as if the panels were on their own home or business.

There are two components to every community solar system: Hosts and Investors. Hosts provide the space for the solar arrays - at no cost to themselves. Investors buy pieces of the solar array and receive the cost savings of solar on their electric bill


Have extra roof or land space? Host a solar array! By hosting on your property, you provide the space and we install the solar array. At no cost to you!

Help the community and environment. Connect with clients and customers in a new way, and earn recurring revenue by leasing underutilized land and roof space.

Who we're looking for:

Schools, Libraries, & Government

Local Businesses

Residents with extra land or space


Don’t have an adequate roof? Are you a renter? Is it hard to make the financial commitment? Make the easy, affordable and flexible investment in community solar today.

The Benefits of Investing:

Move within the same utility provider, and the solar benefits follow.

Easily sell your shares to another customer.

Know exactly where your energy is being generated from.